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A complete range of ready-to-eat healthy food & snacks, superfood with a balance between taste, convenience and nutrition…

Enjoy snacking without frustration and have a positive effect on your health with a complete range of products suitable for the whole family as well as products dedicated to diabetics, elderly people, sport and wellness.

Principles of a balanced and tasty diet. Our programmes provide patients with near immediate results after only a few days following our programs. This, without hunger and suffering.

We provide clinical and medical training, with support, to promote the most nutritional and tasty therapeutic products within specific medical markets such as hospitals, pharmacies and drug stores.  Our products have been formulated to support medically supervised weight loss and re-nutrition programmes, under medical prescriptions provided by qualified healthcare professionals.  Our products are also particularly suitable for diabetic patients.

Our range of nutritional supplements is available in pills, capsules or sticks.

We also develop and distribute dietary supplements specifically formulated to support weight management, anti-ageing and other complexes such as : all naturally digestible nutrient-rich whole food, vitamins & minerals, anti-oxydant, omega 3,…

And also dietary supplements significally formulated to support weight management, anti-aging and other complexes such as : slim complex, appetite moderator, reinforce emotional balance, burn fat, reduce sugar, eliminate extra water, flat tummy,  beauty complex, skin complex, nutritional cosmetics.

Unique Fitness Kit

A complete programme with all the necessary products needed for one week including food supplements. The only way to achieve a durable and effective fit and well body.

This programme is based on the intake of high protein fitness bars, shakes, smoothies and nutritional supplements during each day.