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Principles of the proteinic diet. Forget the protein powder sachets and discover innovative protein-rich or high protein products. 
Themost tastyinnovative and convenient products now available on the market with a focus to superior taste
balanced nutritionalparameters and premium quality food ingredients, specifically formulated to provide effective and safe weight loss. 

Our programs provides patients with near immediate results after only a few days following our program and this without feelinghungry 
and suffering from taste fatigue but only losing stored fat rather than lean muscle mass and maintaining the flexibility 
to tailoreach meal to your individual taste preference and habits allows you to remain compliant and successful for a long term. 

The success and effectiveness of the proteinic diet are not to be proven anymore and now it's completely adapted to our habitssocialactivities and way of life. 
This diet stays the best method of excess-weight treatmentobesity and prevention of associated conditionssuch as hypertensiondiabetes. 

The protein cure enables results which are marketly better than those obtained by low calories diets or by medicinal treatments withouthaving adverse effects. 

Make a selection of our products here after



Hot chocolate drink (add 250 ml of water & microwave for 40 sec) 

Cappuccino Hot & cold (coffee drinks) Add 250 ml of water it’s ready or microwave for hot drink 

Pancakes & honey sirop, raspberry jelly,caramel sirop, blackberries jelly, Apricot jelly)
PancakeAdd 75ml of water, shake and cook in a pan for a faw sec
Sirup or jellyadd 15 ml of water & shake late stand a few sec

Omelets (Bacon, Bacon & cheese)add 120 ml of water, shake & cook in a pan a few sec 

Bread & butter for bread ( in HP powder, garlic cream powder for bread & blinis) 
BreadAdd 40 ml of water, shake & cook in an oven 200° 20 to 25 min 
Garlic creamAdd 10 ml water, shake late stand a few sec in the fridge

Ready to use Toasts (Bread)

Ready to use Chocolate toasts

Chocolate spread, raspberry jelly, Apricot jelly, honey sirup
Sirup or jellyadd 15 ml of water & shake late stand a few sec


MilkshakesVanilla, coco, chocolate, banana, strawberries, raspberries, red fruits, Peach, cocoa, caramel, Peach/mango,Chocolate/pear, Lemon, orange, cherry, apricot, moka, appel, straciatella, pink grapefruit, hazelnut, aniseed, cranberry, peach/apricot, orange/grapefruit 

ADD 250 ml of water and shake

Desserts /Banana split, Strawberries baked Pie, Pear Almond Pie, tiramisu, Apple pie tatin, creme brulee,tiramisuAdd 150 ml water, shake and late stand a few sec 

Chocolate/mint, Melba peach, Chocolate/pistachio, irish chocolate
200 ml water, shake late stand a few sec 

Vanilla Milk rice pudding
Add 120 ml water, shake & late stand in the fridge a few minutes 

Vanilla pancake, orange pancake
Add 100 ml of water, shake & cook in a pan

Custards: chocolate, vanilla, caramel & caramel sirop, coffee, aprikot, mocha, exotic, coco, tiramisu, chestnut
Flans: caramel, chocolate, lemon, pistachio, vanilla, coffee 

Mousseschocolate, strawberry, chestnut, coco 

Iced TeaMint & Peach, lemon iced-teaAdd 250 ml of cold water & shake



Vegetable soup
Mushroom soup 
Aspergus veloute 
Chicken soup & chicken curry
Crusty bits
: (Cheese & curry flavours)
Onion soup
Tomato soup 
Pumpkin Parmesan soup 
Chinese soup 
Leek/potato soup 
Bacon& peas soup 

ADD 250 ML of water, shake & microwave 40 sec to 1 min


Bacon & Cheese
 (pepper, tomato, hot pepper)

Mixed herbs 

ADD 120 ml of water, shake & cook in a pan a few min


Chocolate toasts

Vanilla & lemon cookies, chocolate cookies, Almond cookies, Coconut cookies, orange cookies, Peach cookies, Red fruits cookies

Orange biscuits, chocolate coated biscuits, coconut, apple cinnanon biscuits

Cake (Nature, chocolate , Almond, Hazelnut, Orange)

Sandwichs (Hazelnut , Chocolate)


Grissinis with italian herbs, crostinos with garlic, salted crackers 

Salted italian style cookies, Parmesan, Pizza 

Sandwichs with Cheese & Bacon, Chicken & herbs, Tomato & pizza, Cheese



Fruits chips (Mango, banana ) & Vegetables chips (broccoli, carrot, green beans, okra, potato)

INSTANT PASTA'S (60% & 70% Protein)


Low carb, Also available Pasta’s with omega 3 

Tagliatelli, Fusilli, spirelli, vermicelli,noodles

Pasta sauceCurry, carbonara, tomato, mushroomsAdd 30 ml of water, shake & microwave 30 sec 

Ready to use spreader
10 dosisCurry, bechamel (2kcal per serving 1 table spoon) To spread in the cooked pasta (just after cooking 

RICE (60 & 70 % rice) sachet of 50 g & sauce30 g or 35 g protein per serving


Noodles soupgreen curry, red curry, yellow curry with chicken pieces and fresh vegetables & spices 

Noodles soup Tom Yam koong (Prawns soup)

Noodles soup Instant Tom Kha soup (Chicken & Shrimps)

Instant Green curry or red curry with Tuna or fish balls or shrimps, vegetables & spices

Instant Minestrone, tomato soup, chicken bouillon, beef soup, clear onion soup with fresh vegetables & Instant vermicelli

Bird’s nest soup chicken, beef, vegetables, mushrooms

ADD BOILED WATER & LATE STAND A FEW MINUTES ( 5min ) For instant soup and other soups in trays ready to eat microwave 2 min

 MEALS (In Powder To Rehidrate) HIGH PRO MEALS 

Mashed potato, carrot & mashed potato 

Hachis Parmentier (Beef , tomato & mashed potato) Add 75 ml of water, shake & microwave 1 or 2 min or in the oven 15 min (180 °)

Pizza & tomato:
Pizzaadd 40 ml water, plate in a cooking paper Add tomato sauce and cook in the oven 15 min (200°) 
Tomato sauceAdd 30 ml of water, shake & late stand a few min

Fajita & guacamole: 
FajitaAdd 50 ml of water, shake a cook in a pan a few min each side
Add 30 ml of water, shake & late stand in the fridge a few min 

Chicken nuggetsAdd 40 ml of water, shake, place in a middle of the oven & cook 20 min 200°

Blinis & tarama: 
BliniAdd 75ml of water, shake & cook in a pan each side
Add 30 ml of water, shake & late stand in the fridge a few min

Souffle (cheese) 


Cereals bars: Full cereals or with Fruits, Sesame, Muesli.... 

Yoghurt coated bars
: Fruits, honey & nuts, peanutssmoothieschocolatestrawberry 

Chocolate bars: Marzipan, Coconut, orange, chocolate drups bars, Caramel & peanuts (snickers flavour) , Almond 

Fruits bars: Smooties, red fruit, tropical fruits, banana

Crunch bars: Chocolate crisp, coconut crisp (bounty flavour)

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