Extense Pharma
Nutritional Supplements

Our range of nutritional supplements is available in pills, capsules, sticks.

We developmanufacture and distribute New and Innovative nutritional supplements such as: 


All naturally digestible nutrient-rich whole food 
Vitamins & Minerals 
Omega 3 
Nutri cosmetics 
Pre & Probiotics,..........

And also dietary supplements significally formulated to support weight managementAnti-Aging and other Complexes such as:

Slim Complex 
Moderate appetite, Reinforce emotional balance, Burn fat, Reduce sugar, Eliminate extra water

Flat Tummy 
Reduce bloating, Favour digestion, Take part in the development of intestinal flora

Thermogenic Fat complex 
 promote the removal of extra water, Rgulate glycemic profile, Activate energy through thermogenesis

Glucose & Fat regulation complex 
Reduce fat absorptionreduce Sugar absorption, Reduce glucose assimilation, Regulate lipid and glycaemic profiles

Hunger Control complex 
High satiating effect, Low glycemic and insulinemic indexes, High iodine content, Action on hunger feelings thanks to

Naturally promotes the removal of water, helps eliminating wastes and toxins accumulated in the body, Activates energy expenditure through thermogenesis 

Sun complex 
Beauty complex 
Collagen Booster complex 
Skin complex 

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